Our client

As a junior doctor, Dr Ian Chinsee started working with Walshs in 2008 after hearing Financial Planner and Partner Simon Farmer speak at a professional development breakfast at his University.

From very early on in his career, Dr Chinsee wanted to follow a clear strategy to manage his finances and maximise his wealth. Throughout each step of his medical career, including time he spent undertaking advanced surgical training within a two-year fellowship, Dr Chinsee worked with the Walshs team closely. At each stage they collaboratively worked towards his tailored plan which included purchasing real estate, insurance, tax planning, investing and enabling him to enjoy his side interest in film production.

The opportunity

Dr Chinsee was approached to join an established clinic in Brisbane. Simon introduced Dr Chinsee to Stewart Mcleod, a Partner in Accounting and Taxation at Walshs, to assist in reviewing the offer and structure.

After a thorough review of the offering, it was decided Dr Chinsee would be best placed to establish his own private practice in James Street, Brisbane. Simon and Stewart worked collaboratively to ensure his business was well placed for success. They ensured the practice’s structure was ideal for Dr Chinsee’s day-to-day requirements and that it would grow with him if he wished to start bringing in new doctors.

The result

The Walshs team now works closely with Dr Chinsee’s Practice Manager to facilitate the practice’s bookkeeping requirements. Meanwhile, Stewart and Simon continue to work with Dr Chinsee on his personal finances and towards his future aspirations for the practice as it continues to grow and reach key milestones. They are also working with Dr Chinsee on his personal endeavours with his film production firm.


“Not only has the team at Walshs, and particularly Simon Farmer and Stewart Mcleod, supported me professionally and financially, but also personally. They gave me the confidence to enter my own private practice and ensure it was success. Throughout the journey I have always felt they were truly invested in my personal and professional success and have genuinely wanted to see me do well.  

“When I first started working with the team on the establishment of my private practice, I thought the level of attention to detail they paid in setting up the business was excessive, but now I’m grateful. They ensured the business was well placed to grow, if I bring new doctors in or if I decide to expand my offering. I’m so glad I listened to them.  

“Working with Walshs makes managing my finances easy for me. I know and trust that they have everything in hand. Walshs have become an integral part of my team and are embedded in my long-term financial strategy.  

“I absolutely recommend them to my peers.  Walshs’ experience in working with medical professionals means they know the sector intimately and confidently tailor their service to each doctor’s needs. I have learnt so much about finances through the Walshs team and I have always felt I am in safe hands when working with them. It’s been a really good experience working with the guys, and I’m very thankful to be a client of Walshs.” 

Dr Ian Chinsee

Dr Ian Chinsee (MED0000975196)
Registered Medical Practitioner, General Registration
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Surgical Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine [FACCSM (surg)]
Fellow of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (FAACS)