Our client

Dr Emily Moody is a rural generalist who came to Walshs in 2020 after the accounting and financial planning firm were recommended by a friend. Over the following year, Emily and her husband, Rob, worked with Walshs advisors across several divisions including insurance, lending, financial planning and tax and accounting and are now well on the way to achieving their financial goals.

The opportunity

Within just twelve months, the help and advice provided by Walshs had already had a huge impact on the happiness and well-being of Emily and Rob’s family.

As a medical educator working under an ABN, and a busy rural doctor, Emily had been struggling to find the time to do her own BAS and tax returns and was relieved to hand over the process to the Walshs Tax and Accounting team, allowing her to get on with her work and being a mum to two young children.

Regular phone calls with her key Walshs advisor were scheduled to help delve into Emily and Rob’s plans for their future. Walshs used these goals to devise a strategic plan for every aspect of their finances, including updating their insurances to ensure absolute peace of mind.

Soon Emily and Rob were looking to buy their forever home and, since they were from out of town and unfamiliar with the local property market, Walshs introduced them to an expert buyers’ agent to help with the process. The agent walked them through the entire buying process, advising on price bracket and suburbs and ensuring their house purchase was a good financial decision.

Now Emily and Rob are looking to upgrade their car and, once again, they are turning to Walshs for advice on finance and tax around their new purchase.

The solution

Finding a team of trustworthy, integrated accountants and financial planners who are experts in the medical space has helped to change Emily and Rob’s financial future. Walshs’ deep understanding of the industry and the career lifecycles of doctors has meant their specialist advice, alongside their personal attention, helped Emily and Rob build a level of trust with their financial advisors which has had a huge impact on their family’s future.


"We have previously had financial advisors, but it is the specific medical industry knowledge and experience of the team at Walshs which has been a game-changer and of great value to our family. The collective experience the team at Walshs have is really obvious when you start to work with them. They have provided clarity and peace of mind, both for our immediate financial needs and for the future of our family. We really value all that Walshs have done for us. We are absolutely loving the new home that we were able to purchase thanks to the great advice that the team provided and I sing your praises to all my colleagues!”

Dr. Emily Nicole Moody