Our client

Dr Peter Stickler first met the team from Walshs eight years ago when they sponsored various charities he was involved in at Med School. Impressed by their knowledge and understanding of a doctor’s career lifecycle and their financial needs, Pete turned to them for advice as an intern - and has never looked back.

The opportunity

Having never had the opportunity to save or learn about reaching financial goals in his younger years, Pete started working with Walshs by setting some ambitious savings goals and working with the Accounting team, particularly Partner, Stewart McLeod, to get the best advice on his tax needs. He also worked with the teams in Lending and Insurance to ensure his growing wealth is properly protected.

The solution

Generally, doctors start investing later than some other professions, simply because they spend several more years at University than most. Walshs understands this and works with junior doctors to grow their wealth efficiently from the get-go. Pete found that the fact that the team has a genuine understanding of doctors, their career lifecycle and their time constraints means that they have always gone the extra mile for him to take the effort out of financial matters. This has meant Pete could focus on growing his career and growing his savings account.


Walshs have a family atmosphere that means every client is important to them. The best thing about working with them is that you know you’re working with people who will look after you. While I started saving and investing later in life than some others, Walshs have helped me find my feet and get ahead quickly, all while going the extra mile to ensure any effort on my end is reduced. 

Dr Peter Stickler