The Walshs Way

As forward-thinking employers, Walshs offers a collaborative team environment with a great work culture. As part of our team, you will have the chance to work face-to-face with clients early in your career, developing your communication skills and confidence. You will be mentored by senior staff as you are given genuine opportunities to develop and grow your career.

We value team players and our team members are supportive, client focused, honest, reliable and professional.

You will join a team that supports your career, offering training and professional development programs designed to help you fast-track your career progression. Team members in all roles throughout the organisation are encouraged to take part in relevant career development opportunities and all accountants are encouraged and supported in completing their CA program.

Walshs also offer a staff benefits program and a health incentive to promote wellness at work.

We are team players who are supportive of each other and we enjoy many social events across the year. We also welcome and encourage our team to give back to our community through charity events and fundraising.

Join a team that really cares.

1. Professional Development

The various divisions within Walshs have various job roles, and there are a number of ways we provide professional development in each team. Walshs has a history of providing career pathways to those in the firm who demonstrate excellence in performance and commitment to the business.
We pride ourselves on having open and transparent conversations with our team about opportunities, and how you can get to your end career goal with us!

2. Health and Wellbeing

Walshs offers a rewarding incentive to each team member for a health activity which can help to keep them both mentally and physically well. The capped incentive can be allocated toward activities like joining a social sporting team, personal training sessions, gym memberships and more. This incentive is to ensure our team is supported financially to improve their physical and mental wellness and to encourage a healthy lifestyle which will support high performance at work.
Walshs also holds a 'Health and Wellbeing Week' every year in October This event has historically provided opportunities for employees to get involved with exercise classes, meditations, challenges, massages, health talks from professionals and more!

3. Social

Walshs is an extremely social office and we run a number of social events throughout the year to ensure our team can celebrate our successes and have some fun! These events are provided to ensure we are forming connections with those we work with and most importantly, to have fun as a team.
We have formal events throughout the year, a team building day and ad-hoc social events, which have included activities like lawn bowls and dragon boat racing. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your Walshs team.

4. Community

Walshs support a number of charities throughout the year and there is always an opportunity for staff to be involved. The Walshs team are very passionate about giving back to the community and promoting corporate responsibility within our business. Walshs have participated in charity walks and runs, fundraising raffles and initiatives like 'Basket Buddies' who provide food and gifts for people that need a hand - children, the elderly, hungry & homeless - at Christmas. We strongly feel that giving back to our community provides us with a feeling of fulfilment and a strong sense of purpose which contributes to our health and wellbeing.