Walshs Medical Bursary

The Walshs Medical bursary supports our medical officers to further their skills, research, clinical experience and post-fellowship studies. Intern doctors right through to consultants (within your first five years of fellowship) are eligible to apply.

The bursary was established by the Directors of Walshs, in recognition of the value that additional research, education and clinical experience can provide medical professionals. The bursary provides an opportunity to obtain up to $10,000 of funding to dedicate toward an appropriate project, experience or education of the applicant’s choice. The bursary recognises the commitment Walshs has to the medical sector and serves as a ‘thank you’ to those who support our business.

  • To be eligible for this bursary, the applicant needs to be a Walshs client and a registered Australian doctor (AHPRA accredited).
  • The applicant needs to be a resident medical officer, vocational trainee or a consultant within their first five years of fellowship.
  • The definition of a Walshs client is a person who has one or more existing service with Walshs (Lending, Insurance, Accounting, Advice, Salary Packaging, etc) within the year of application.
  • Award of single bursary of up to $10,000.
  • The bursary may be used to fund research projects, attend courses, conferences or educational events, or as expenses related to overseas clinical experiences (such as humanitarian visits or fellowships). The funds must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bursary. See terms and conditions.
  • Applicant must assess and comment on the feasibility of the proposed undertaking and use of the funds. Feasibility is an assessment of the practicality of a project or initiative that aims to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Qualities of the applicant, academic potential, and degree to which they demonstrate commitment to values of professional development
  • Relevance of proposed activity, feasibility of carrying out and completing activity.
  • Potential of activity to contribute to broader medical community in meaningful manner

Current funding or sponsorship an applicant is receiving will also be taken into account.

The award of the bursary shall be made in the absolute discretion of the selection committee which shall comprise of:

  • Walshs Company Directors
  • Medical professional clients chosen by Walshs Directors
  • Previous recipients of the bursary (where applicable)

The Selection Committee reserves the right not to award a bursary in any year if, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, there is no applicant of sufficient merit to warrant an award. Walshs may also suspend or discontinue the bursary at any time. The Selection Committee will determine all matters relating to the bursary.

Bursary Dates
• Applications open at 9am on Monday 12 February 2024 (and close at 5pm on Monday 25 March 2024)
• Application review will take place Monday 25 March 2024 through to Friday 26 April 2024
• Winner will be notified in the week commencing 29 April 2024

Applicants are invited to submit:

  • A cover letter of no more than 2 pages outlining your intention for the bursary, and how your activity will benefit your professional development and/or contribute to the broader medical community.
  • A current curriculum vitae
  • Two referees in support of your application (names and email addresses)

Please include:

  • Your career and employment details
  • The expected outcomes of your activity and anticipated benefits
  • Confirmation of appointment / engagement in the activity
  • Proposed timeframe for the completion of the activity
  • A proposed budget which outlines the intended use of the funds, and where possible, an itemised expenditure description
  • Details of any other financial support or funding already received or anticipated

Please send your application and supporting documentation to enquiries@walshs.com.au with Walshs Medical Bursary and your name as the subject line.

1.      Payment

The selection committee can, at their discretion, decide if moneys payable to the recipient shall be in a single instalment at the commencement of activity, be reimbursed as per the expenditure listed in the recipient's application, or paid as otherwise determined suitable by them.


 2.      Recipient Obligations

In accepting the bursary, the recipient agrees to all conditions and obligations for the duration of the opportunity. If the conditions of the bursary are not met, Walshs reserves the right to require a refund of the bursary value from the recipient.


 3.     Bursary Acceptance

·         The successful candidate will be notified by email once a decision is made. Once informed of their selection, the recipient is required to respond in writing to accept the offer and submit (within 14 days) a short acceptance video describing their intended activity.


4.      Report and Presentation

Upon completion of the activity or within 12 months from the award of the bursary (whichever is sooner), the recipient is required to:

·         Prepare a written report on the status or outcome of the activity:

     this is to include details on expenses covered by bursary funds,
     ◦ a collaborative report with research supervisors is permitted

·         Provide a video presentation for the bursary committee on how the bursary funds were used and be prepared to present an in-person presentation to Walshs staff on their project experience if requested.


5.      Media & Marketing Promotions
The recipient will be required to agree to conditions of:

·         Sharing their experience and feedback with current or prospective Walshs clients, via means of online promotion, video testimony, electronic direct mail marketing, internal staff communication and social media.


6.      Activity

The recipient must agree to:

·         Carry out their activity in a manner as outlined in their application and approved by Walshs.

·         Undertake the activity within the outlined time period. The activity cannot commence prior to 1st of January 2024 and must be completed by 30th of June 2025 unless alternative dates are discussed (such as a prolonged research project).

·         Request an amendment to the activity or repay funds to Walshs should circumstances prohibit the fulfilment of the approved and awarded activity.

·         Use all bursary funds towards expenses related to research costs, education expenses, conference/course fees and travel costs. The funds cannot be used for discretionary spending, excessive travel costs, spouse or family related costs.


7.      Conduct
The recipient must always ensure that their conduct reflects this important representative role. They are required to:

·         Comply with their respective association, college, university, or hospital Code of Conduct.

      Including following instructions or directions from a research institute relating to governance, ethics and conduct of their activity.
     ◦ Adhere to the research methodologies outlined in their application

·         Reflect Walshs values of Trust, Honesty, Professionalism, and Team Player

·         Comply with all instructions and directions (written, verbal or both) from Walshs relating to the bursary.

·         Notify Walshs of any situational changes before, during or after the activity that may impact the bursary and/or collegiate relationships.

·         Conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favourably upon Walshs and the business reputation.

·         Use their best endeavours to further the collegiate relationship between Walshs and the client.


8.      Additional Funding

·         Award of the Walshs Medical Bursary takes into account other funding or sponsorship the recipient may be receiving towards the same activity.

·         The recipient is obliged to notify Walshs immediately if further sponsorship or funding is secured towards the same activity, as simultaneous grants/scholarships/bursaries towards the same activity will not be allowed.


9.      Ethics Approval

·         If a recipient is conducting clinical research, ethics approval must be given by the hospital and health service, university, college or professional association. A copy of the approved ethics application should be included with the application.


10.  Re-application

·         Unsuccessful applications for past bursary years who continue to meet the eligibility criteria are invited to reapply for the bursary in subsequent years.

·         A maximum of three applications for the bursary from any one person will be considered.


11.  Termination of Bursary

·         Walshs may, at its discretion for what is considered a grave cause, withdraw, suspend, or request repayment of the bursary. From the date of either of these decisions, the entitlement to funding and other allowances shall cease. Upon termination, monies already paid and not duly expended shall be refunded to

How to apply?

Download our factsheet below for all required information and send your application with supporting documentation to: enquiries@walshs.com.au
Walshs Medical Bursary 2024:
**Applications are now closed for 2024 and the winner will be notified in the week commencing 29 April 2024 - a public announcement will be made shortly after.

Congratulations to our 2023 winner Dr Luke Nottingham. Follow the below button links for more information on Luke's project and the selection committee's comments on his submission.

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