Our client

Dr Paula Matich was in the final stages of her medical degree at James Cook University in 2017 when the team from Walshs gave a presentation to her cohort. With their reputation for providing trusted advice to medical professionals proceeding them, Paula signed up for an initial meeting and started down the path to ensuring her income and finances are well looked after throughout her career.

The opportunity

Already, in these initial stages of her career, Walshs have helped set Paula up with everything she needs to move forward confidently into the future. From providing taxation advice to helping with insurance needs, Paula has found that their unprecedented expertise in understanding her career goals and knowing the processes and steps she will take towards them is something that would be difficult to find anywhere else. Add to that their genuine interest in each client’s personal financial needs and maximising their tax returns means Paula can confidently trust their advice and focus on setting up her professional life.

The solution

With their flexible and personal approach, Walshs have made all Paula’s dealings with them so easy, ensuring their advice is straightforward and clear and going out of their way to help. As time goes on and her career progresses, Paula is looking forward to turning to Walshs for advice when it’s time to start planning investments and even when moving on to her own private practice.


“The Walshs team have been excellent. My taxation advisor, Lachlan, in particular is extremely helpful and attentive and makes everything so easy. Even during the disruption caused by COVID-19 recently, he was flexible and understanding as we had to reschedule several appointments and he happily made time for me to consult with him out of hours. The whole team is delightful to deal with.” 

Dr Paula Matich