Our client

When Dr Robbie Ley Greaves and his wife moved to Australia from the UK, they planned to stay for nine, maybe twelve, months. Three years later, they have had a baby, bought a house and started a small business in Australia, all while they have kept up their busy medical careers. And, thanks to Walshs, their finances have been in safe hands throughout.

The opportunity

With the decision to stay longer in Australia, came the decision to put down some roots and make some investments that would give them opportunities to make the most of both their money and their time in this country.

Friends had recommended Walshs to Robbie based on their own great experiences and so they placed their annual taxation in the team’s hands for the first time. Impressed by their expert knowledge in regards to taxation for medical professionals, the couple started approaching the team for more advice as new ideas and opportunities came along. As time went on Walshs have looked after their mortgage, investments and financial planning, even going so far as to find them a buyer’s agent to help them find the perfect property when they were ready to purchase. Being time-poor medical professionals with a young family, Robbie and his wife have been grateful to let the team at Walshs do the legwork for them to ensure they consistently have the right advice from which to make each new decision.

The solution

Dr Ley Greaves has found the team at Walshs to be approachable and willing to explain in ‘layman’s’ terms the options open to them and their pros and cons. Their knowledge, particularly their expertise in financial matters relating to medical professionals, has meant more financial opportunities and more money in the pocket, so Robbie and his wife can continue to enjoy everything Australia has to offer for as long as they are here.


Walshs have proven themselves to be flexible and accommodating as decisions and circumstances have changed over time. I always feel I can approach them for advice and their expert team are always willing to answer questions and really personalise their service to best suit our needs.” 

Dr Robbie Ley Greaves