Our client

Having grown up in Brisbane, Dr Isabel Scalia knew it was the city in which she and her partner wanted to build their lives. But first, Dr Scalia and her partner were keen to seek out guidance on their finances to ensure a stress -free start to their life together. So, they turned to Walshs, financial specialists in the medical sector, for assistance.

The opportunity

Dr Scalia first heard of Walshs at an information session during her internship in 2019. She had an initial meeting with Financial Advisor and Walshs Partner, Peter Hodgson, who provided advice particularly relevant to her current financial needs around salary packaging and how to be financially organised. It was the first of many meetings as the Walshs team helped Dr Scalia move towards securing her financial future.

The result

Over two years, Dr Scalia liaised with the team at Walshs, receiving advice on a range of financial issues including her general financial planning, tax returns, property guidance and investment strategies. Thanks to their network of lenders, Walshs linked Dr Scalia to their vendor, Westpac, to assist with their property purchase. The Walshs Financial Planning team also introduced a flexible medico specialist lending policy with no lender mortgage insurance, offering Dr Scalia flexibility and ability to access her funds. Regular meetings and support from the Walshs team were exactly what Dr Scalia needed to navigate through the intricacies of purchasing a home, giving her comfort that her finances were being managed properly.


“Interacting with the team at Walshs has been an invaluable experience. They have always been accessible and provided timely and correct information every step of the way in a very approachable manner. We always knew we were in safe hands. Walshs managed our finances and took us on a stress-free journey so we could focus on ourselves and our day-to-day priorities. We are extremely grateful for their support. Thanks to Walshs, we have our dream home!”

Dr Isabel Scalia