Our client

Timber Tots Child Care is a family owned and privately operated child care centre based in Camp Hill, Brisbane. Its founder and managing director, Lachlan Walker has worked with Walshs on both his business and personal finances for the past three years.


Walshs handles the taxation, investments and bookkeeping for Lachlan and his four businesses and has a deep knowledge of each business’ structure and financials.

The result

Walshs’ comprehensive overview of Lachlan’s financial affairs mean that they are in the best position to provide advice around the companies’ business structures and tax minimisation strategies. Their ‘big picture’ approach means Lachlan goes to them for help to solve any problems that pop up and feels more likely to take risks knowing he has the knowledge and experience of the team at Walshs behind him.

Over the years, Walshs’ low staff turnover has meant that Lachlan has enjoyed the continuity of working with key staff members on his account, who all know and understand his business. This has led to a level of trust and a strong business relationship that he has not experienced with other accounting firms in the past.

Appointing Walshs to oversee his finances across the board has been a cost-effective and highly efficient strategy for Lachlan, which has paid off in a loyal business partnership.


“Having a good accountant who really understands our businesses has helped to lower our costs and our stress levels. We have more time to focus on what we do best and, because we are in safe and trustworthy hands, we feel we can take more risks.” 

Lachlan Walker 
Founder and Managing Director
Timber Tots Child Care