Our client

Founded in 1998, Envisage Technology provides IT infrastructure and support to organisations in a range of industries, with a focus on the medical and health care market. Providing both desktop and software support along with unmatched levels of quality and service, Envisage Technology provides managed IT support services that are tailored to each client’s particular needs.


From the company’s very beginnings, the team at Envisage Technology has worked with Walshs, navigating the journey from small start-up to its growth today into a thriving national company. For over 20 years Envisage Technology and its founder, Ben Steel, have turned to Walshs for strategic and wholistic business and financial advice.

The result

At a corporate level, Walshs provides a range of practical services to Envisage Technology. From tax advice, to loans, insurance, financial planning and even bookkeeping, Walshs provide an extensive level of financial services and a wholistic approach to the business. Their complete understanding of the business’ finances means they are also able to comprehensively offer strategic forward planning advice at a management level. The management team at Envisage Technology meets regularly with the Partners at Walshs to discuss future business strategies and Walshs regularly provide assistance with business decisions around the changing financial environment, technology and business processes. The strong partnerships that Walshs has built with their vendors, such as Westpac, has meant that often they are able to manage financial processes quickly and efficiently, without excessive communication with the team at Envisage.

Walshs has also managed the personal finances of Envisage Managing Director, Ben Steel, since he was 16 years old. With a strong working relationship now built over decades, Walshs has regularly been able to offer support and advice on his financial planning, real estate purchases and savings goals, alongside many other financial decisions.

The trust that has built between Walshs, Envisage Technology and Ben, has developed into a mutually supportive and loyal business partnership which is set to continue for many years.


Walshs has managed both my business and personal finances for over 20 years and has consistently provided sound and constructive advice. From practical support to strategic business advice, Walshs has helped me grow my business from a small start up to a thriving company. Their wholistic approach and deep engagement with my financial concerns has led to a loyal, trusting and mutually supportive business partnership that will continue for many years.” 

Ben Steel 
Managing Director
Envisage Technology