The Walshs Investment Committee

The Walshs research process is centered around our investment philosophy, that success is achieved through experience, knowledge and integrity.

Within our investment committee meetings, members identify potential areas in financial markets where excess return, or alpha, can be generated over the benchmark. This top-down macroeconomic approach is further backed up by extensive research, supplied by Craig Ferguson, Tim McAllister and Jesse Imer.

In the research process, potential investments are assessed on a number of fronts, such as peer comparison based on performance, fees, risk factors, management style and macroeconomic view alignment. The results from these tests are then discussed and acted upon in our monthly investment committee meetings.

The investment committee heavily leans on the experience of its members for the decision stage. With a diverse range of highly experienced individuals across specific financial markets, our investment committee is fully equipped to act with logic, reason and a steady hand in any situation that arises.

Committee Members

Simon Farmer

Chair of Investment Committee and Managing Director of Walshs

Simon has over 20 years of experience as a financial adviser, having been the managing director and founding parting of Walshs Financial Planning since 2006. Simon’s main role in the committee is to lead discussions and around key macroeconomic and geopolitical topics in meetings.

Michael Walsh

CEO of Walshs

Being the founder and most experienced member of Walshs, Michael provides valuable insight to current market conditions, backed up by over 30 years of industry experience.

Craig Ferguson

Director, Antipodean Capital Management Pty Ltd and Walshs IC External Asset Management Consultant

Craig is a crucial member of the Walshs investment committee through his detailed and precise breakdown of current macroeconomic conditions and forecasts. With over 25 years of industry experience, Craig’s observations of market conditions are a critical input into our investment committee’s decision making.

Jesse Imer

Multi-asset strategist at Mason Stevens

Jesse Imer joined Mason Stevens in June 2019 as Fixed Income Investment Strategist. He has 12 years’ finance experience across sales, trading and investment analysis.

Tim McAllister

Investment Analyst at Walshs

Tim is the youngest member of the investment committee, his role since 2020 has been to conduct research and analysis for meetings. Tim also assists in the implementation of changes from the meetings.

Objectives of the investment committee

The key objectives behind the investment committee are as follows:

- Collaboratively collate an up to date, clear and detailed understanding of current financial, macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions within Australia and abroad for its members.

- Apply this understanding to all of Walshs’ investment offerings, including the MDA, managed fund savings plan and direct equity portfolios.

- Use our knowledge to create fresh and promising investment ideas for our clients.

- Evaluate and assess the ability of the investment committee to continually preserve, protect, and grow the purchasing power of our client’s money over a long period of time. A key objective that is applied to all investment strategies is to generate a return no less than inflation.