Market-leading lending solutions for doctors

As a medical professional, your property acquisition journey is unique.

Home loans for doctors

Over the course of your career you may need to balance changes in work, training locations and expenses, including increases and decreases in income over time.
The structure of your home and personal loans can have a significant impact on your wealth creation.

Why choose Walshs for your lending advice?

Expert advice on loan structure

We can help you structure your home and investment loan debts to maximise your long-term tax outcomes and financial planning strategies.

Lending arrangements will have tax and financial planning implications that should be considered when selecting the structure and type of loan.

Our professional and client focused lending team are tax and financial planning accredited and we work closely with our colleagues in the Accounting, Taxation and Financial Planning divisions to consider your finances as a whole. This means you receive lending advice that considers all the key aspects of your current and future circumstances.

In many instances, we see lending professionals fail to consider taxation consequences and focus too heavily on the interest rate when selecting lending products. Our vast knowledge of tax, accounting and financial planning means you can avoid these long-term mistakes when you work with us.

Lending Structure

Home and investment loans for doctors

As specialists in accounting and financial services for medical practitioners, Walshs has access to specialist products that allow us to deliver market-leading solutions, including market-leading solutions tailored for doctors and medical practitioners.

Our lending service includes:

  • Home loans
  • Investment loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Business and practice loans
  • Car and equipment loans
  • Self Managed Superannuation Fund loans

Debt Structure

It is important you structure your home and investment loan debt to maximise your long-term tax outcomes and financial planning strategies by accessing market-leading medico specific lending policies.


If you wish to retain your property as an investment property in future, you must consider the long-term tax planning strategies to maximise negative gearing.


Structuring your debt correctly will ensure you retain access to your cash (allowing you to move around for training, fellowship, or other change of circumstances).

Offset Account

If you have cash above 5%, 10% or 20% deposit you can reduce your home interest costs, maximise long term tax planning benefits and retain access to your cash via an offset account.

Helping you bring your first home closer

You've made the big decision to buy your first home, now what happens? Our comprehensive 32-page First Home Buyers Guide contains all the vital information you need to know before embarking on the process of purchasing your first home. Download it by clicking on the button below.


Want to know more?

If you have any questions about how we can help you with lending or home loans for doctors,
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